Submit News

Submit News to the Website

All members and supporting members are encouraged to submit news, articles, press releases to the website. Send submissions to Mike Joyner, with a specific request in the subject line of your email that you would like your content be posted on the NYSOWA website. Website updates are generally around the 1st and the 15th of each month.

Website submission specs:

  • All website submissions must include the main title of your article or press release, the main copy, a contact for more info, and at least one photo.
  • Submit your copy in a Word doc, left aligned, with one space between paragraphs.
  • Alternatively, you can paste your copy into your email
  • Do not send a PDF please because it’s more difficult to format on the web page.
  • Your image will need to be sent as a .jpg or .png file. and should be landscape orientation 740 x 400 pixels, or larger, is ideal (Images embedded in the Word doc cannot be used).
  • Supporting members are also welcome to include their logo

Submit News to the Newsletter

All members and supporting members are also invited to submit news for the quarterly newsletter. Newsletters are published November 1, February 1, May 1 and August 1, with a deadline will be 10 days prior to pub date. Please send submissions to Dan Ladd.

Newsletter submission specs:

  • 12 point size text, indented one space only with a space between paragraphs.
  • Only one space between sentences
  • Capitalize all sub headers
  • Write a creative headline
  • Send low-res photos with captions
  • If possible, please do not send your reports as attachments (especially Word docs). Just simply copy your text and paste it into an e-mail, or I can work with a PDF.