Each year NYSOWA awards scholarships to two college students in good academic standing, and who are pursuing a course of study directly related to environmental conservation.

Download Scholarship App and Requirements. For more info, contact Ed Noonan, NYSOWA Scholarship Committee Chair at

Requirements for the Annual NYSOWA Scholarship

  1. Applicants must be at least a second year student in good academic standing and pursuing a course of study directly related to environmental conservation.
  2. Applicants for consideration of this scholarship award are expected to approve of and understand the need for, but not necessarily practice, all ethical methods of environmental conservation of our natural and wildlife resources. Included in these practices would be seasonal hunting, fishing and trapping for the various species in a conscientious effort to control and establish healthy and continuing populations of these species. It is with these beliefs in mind that all applicants are required to complete the NYSOWA APPLICATION FOR ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARD application.
  3. Nominees for this scholarship award will be selected by the Financial Aid Officer (FAO) or his/her appointed representative at the college and forwarded to the Chairman of the NYSOWA Scholarship Committee for his/her review. This review will be to insure that the applicant has adhered to NYSOWA’s beliefs listed in No. 2 and his/her answer to the *** item on the application.
  4. All applications will be returned to the College and the FAO will then select from those applicants approved by the NYSOWA Chairman of Scholarships to whom the award should be given.
  5. The winner will be notified once the FAO has notified NYSOWA of their selection in writing and NYSOWA will issue a jointly payable check to the student and the College.
  6. The decision of the award winner determined by the FAO will be final.