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*Opportunities to network, learn from and becoming friends with top outdoor communicators and outdoor industry professionals from across the state – and in some cases, beyond;

*Promoting and rewarding great work with our annual “Excellence in Craft” competition;

*Discounts on the purchase of outdoors-relate gear and products (hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, etc) from a variety of companies that recognize the importance and uniqueness of this organization.

*Annual safaris that offer members an opportunity to sample outdoor experiences in different regions of the state, along with networking with other outdoor communicators who attend;

* Annual conferences that include a banquet and presentation of Excellence in Craft awards. In addition, the conferences offer outdoor experiences and craft improvement workshops along with seminars in such areas as writing, photography and social media.  And on occasion, face-to-face interactions and programs with state Department of Environmental Conservation officials and other top individuals in the state’s outdoor world to discuss the latest trends and issues;

*Quarterly, online newsletters that keep members abreast of outdoor news and trends throughout the state;

*An annual membership directory that lists each active member’s contact information, media affiliation, credits, publications and specialties. Also includes a list of supporting members, what they offer and contact information.


Eligibility for membership in NYSOWA

Any New York resident meeting NYSOWA’s minimum professional criteria who receive compensation for the preparation and publication, by means of newspapers, magazines, lectures, photography, books, radio, television, editing, or other accepted media formats, may become a member of the association. Acceptance for Active and Apprenticeship memberships shall be predicated upon an applicant’s conformity with the stated minimum criteria during the 12-month period that precedes the date of submission of an application.

Active and Apprenticeship memberships will be based on full compliance with the following categories or, if requested, a combination thereof. The membership screening committee will review an applicant’s proof of activity(s) to ensure consistency with the minimum continuous one-year requirement.

Individuals employed in the field of public relations and full-time college students are also eligible. (See requirements below.)

Active membership fee is $50 per year; Apprenticeship, $25 per year and student, $15 per year.

Newspaper writer (including online publications)
8 published byline articles per year. Must be paid for work.

Magazine Writer (including online publication)
4 byline articles (either features or column) per year. Must be paid for work.

4 paid presentations per year on outdoors-related topics.

Photographer/ Illustrator/ Artist
8 published stills, prints and/or separate sales of prints and original artwork per year.

1 published book per 3 years. Book can be either non-fiction or fiction as long as there’s an outdoors emphasis. Fictional book(s) could necessitate review and approval by the NYSOWA membership committee.

Radio or TV Broadcaster
8 shows of less than 30 minutes per year

4 shows of 30 minutes or more per year, or equivalent

(*Time in both cases is from start to finish and includes advertising)

Magazine/ Newspaper Editor
3 publications per year

Public Relations
Can be either full or part-time position promoting an outdoors-related topic or topics ranging fm birding to bear hunting, environmental conservation, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, etc.  It must be a paid position that involves such duties as writing news releases, making videos and/or or use of social media to promote your topic. 

Electronic Publishing
Minimum 8 published outdoor columns or articles in the preceding 12-month period and in no less than 4 separate editions of electronic publication(s). For the purpose of combining categories for membership application, each original column or article shall count as 2 points. Regarding Web sites: the applicant must be paid by the Web master and/or electronic publications and offer proof of payment for each item submitted for consideration requiring application for membership.

Film/videos, self-published blogs, YouTube Channels
1 film/video (20-minute sound) or equivalent per year. A blog or other digital media that is updated with original content at least twice a month for which the writer is paid. In addition, for a YouTube Channel, applicant must generate at least two videos a month and get compensated for these efforts.

This category is open to an applicant who at best can only meet half of any of the requirements in any specific category above. This membership is restricted to no more than two years, at which time he or she must meet the requirements for a regular membership.  In addition, the apprentice must have a “mentor/sponsor” who is a member of the organization. Applicant is entitled to all the rights and privileges of a regular member but cannot vote or hold office.

Student membership
Any full-time college student who has an active interest in being an outdoors communicator in the areas of hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking, camping, winter sports, birding, outdoor recreation, wildlife management and/or conservation. No other requirements. Applicant is entitled to all the rights and privileges of a regular member but cannot vote or hold office.

Combined application and other exceptions
In the event an applicant does not meet the qualifications for any one specific category, but is paid for a variety of activities that fall into several different categories, or is compensated for outdoor-related communications work that does not fit into or meet the requirements of a specific category, he or she may still apply by listing those activities. Final decision on approval of membership will require a majority vote of the NYSOWA Membership Screening Committee.

Members: Renew your Membership Online

Click here for NYSOWA JoinIt Instructions, NYSOWA’s new online membership software.